Alternative Energy Sources

LDS Stake Center 11570 S Wasatch Blvd

Do you know the differences between solar generators and gas generators? We will discuss the pros and cons to each and what is right for you.

Wildfire Prevention

Hidden Valley Park 11700 S. Wasatch Blvd, Sandy, Utah

Sandy City Fire Department will be holding a wildfire prevention event at Hidden Valley Park.

Emergency Scenarios, Drills, and Simulations

Lone Peak Elementary School 11515 High Mesa Drive

We are excited to announce that our Sandy City Emergency Manager, Amy DeNeff will be running our tabletop emergency drills for our community! These will be discussion-based sessions where we can discuss different roles and responses during emergency situations. Open to all Sandy Community 27 residents 16-years and older. This event will be help at […]

Emergency First-Aid and CPR

LDS Stake Center 11570 S Wasatch Blvd

Join us for an in-depth class of what kind of medical traumas we might experience after a disaster. Our teacher has over 18 years experience in the emergency services industry.